Something To Hate On is a creative label that began in 2016 to promote and exhibit young talent in an immersive and interactive way. Since then, SHO has thrown parties, pop-ups and exhibitions across the globe, randomly releasing clothes and regularly collaborating with up-and-coming artists.

In September they put on an exhibition with world-renowned American artists Harif Guzman and Danny Minnick, showcasing their work alongside young underground creatives, and designing a collab capsule with New York brand Haculla. Since then, they have had a show or pop-up at every member’s club in London, and everyone from Jamal Edwards to Mabel has been seen rocking their merch.

After throwing the biggest party of PFW in January, SHO collaborated with Martin Asbjørn for a party in Copenhagen before taking over the Moxy Hotel during NYFW. Now they are taking on LFWM, putting on an exhibition on June 10th in the Discovery Lab and a party that evening.

Often using their collections to make important statements, they collaborated with Brighton based artist Will Winter on their ‘Harmacy’ Collection, highlighting the dangers of prescription drugs. Now, focusing on gender fluidity, they are exploring how streetwear has broken down the barriers between male and female clothing. Their exhibition will preview this never seen before collection in an immersive and interactive way, along with new designs from their sold out Bolt Capsule.

Be sure to come along. And if their last parties are anything to go by, you don’t want to miss this one.