Something To Hate On is a creative platform that showcases and celebrates London’s youth and underground culture. SHO is for the people who are bored of your standard ‘get together’ with the same playlists being played. We wanted to give people a sense of direction when they go to our event they experience and learn something about youth in London. It’s not just London, we’ve been in New York, Milan, Paris, but since we’re all London boys, we really want to show off the talent found in our city.

The idea is to be throwing regular exhibitions and events appealing to anyone who has a genuine interest in being surrounded and immersed in music, fashion, and more. Why shouldn’t we celebrate it! Over the past few months, we’ve showcased a lot of different artists and sold some really great pieces. We recently set up a record label, signing Daisy Maybe’s Honey Chai Tea and Raff Law’s Support Network. We plan to develop this label with our wicked variety of music working towards our first SHO Records mixtape which will include a range of different types of music that makes London’s music scene so innovative.

We have a strong interest in fashion. We started by printing on hoodies and tees with our logo and designs. In the early days, this was really a way to get our logo out there and to get people supporting the movement. We’re now moving away from the simplicity of merch and working on capsule collections with Runway brands such as Rochambeau in NYC, having just done a collaboration with Haculla and Harif Guzman. It’s great to give the artists an opportunity to put their work on clothing and we work very closely with them so everyone is happy with the outcome.

On top of this, we’re always plotting new ideas and ways to make people excited about each event we throw. We’re always up for helping brands put on their events.